Why we do what we do

Being Bridges works in the field of diversity, but our work and service is not typical of what you might imagine for a diversity-related organisation.

Think of us as more of a social lab rather than a social service agency, more of a consultancy rather than a charity, and more of a supplier rather than a retailer — and yes, we supply tools and thoughts for other front-facing diversity organisations, in case that’s you!

Whilst we come from various social and non-profit backgrounds with different methodologies and angles for how to improve society, our particular work in Being Bridges is quite specific. Because our task is exploring and building creative tools that improve the dialogue around diversity, our day-to-day focus has naturally become:

  • not so much about activism, but more about community activation

  • not so much about advocacy, but more about dialogue facilitation

  • not so much about confrontation, but more about social innovation

We offer these tools and programmes to communities that are interested in these angles. We invite partners who are interested in exploring these methods with us. And we provide training to individuals and organisations interested in adopting these models.