We are a Singapore-based social enterprise & consultancy

offering award-winning products & programmes

that support the dialogue of intercultural,

interracial & interfaith diversity.


We are a Singapore-based

social enterprise & consultancy

offering award-winning products & programmes that support the dialogue of intercultural, interracial & interfaith diversity.


Helping multicultural communities grow resilience

We offer supportive tools & meaningful programmes that nurture social cohesion, harmony & belonging.

Innovating in the space of diversity, equity & inclusion

We specialise in the sensitive yet significant spheres of interfaith, interracial & intercultural dialogue.

Consulting on ESG social sustainability projects

We work with corporate organisations, religious communities, educational institutions & government agencies.

Industry-Wide ICCS2022 Recognition

We are blessed to have our sensitive work recognised at the prestigious International Conference for Cohesive Societies, held recently in Singapore.

Two of our projects were honoured with public mention by government dignitaries Mdm. Halimah Yacob, President of the Republic of Singapore, and Mr. Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth during their conference opening and closing addresses respectively.

Named by President Halimah Yacob in the ICCS opening address above for our intersectional card game collaboration, Diversity By Default, are Basil Kannangara, founder of Being Bridges, and Nicholas Pang, designer of the award-winning Smol Tok conversational deck.

Discussed by Minister Edwin Tong in the ICCS closing address above for our interfaith VR tours project, Being Guests, is Basil Kannangara, founder of Being Bridges, on behalf of our winning team at the 'Mission: Unite' international hackathon for social cohesion.

Our Partners

In the work of diversity, the community is our essential partner. We work with clients and collaborators, benefactors and beneficiaries, organisations and individuals, who range across the public sector, private sector, and civic society. Social harmony is too important, so we need all the help we can get. More details soon.

Our Projects

We consult on diversity-related projects for ESG social sustainability goals, running both long-term large-scale projects as well as short-term ad hoc engagements for clients and community partners. We also offer customised applications of our main projects for short-term programmes configured to your community needs. Schedule a call with us for specific details.



We create products

that tweak the dialogue of diversity for the specific needs of a particular community, whether it’s widening the dialogue, simplifying it, or deepening it.

We conduct programmes

that facilitate conversations around diversity, supporting the dialogue with tools and training that enable communities and individuals to do the same, whether they're from the government, corporate, educational, or religious landscapes.

We customize processes

that cater to the local contexts of particular communities, building up their capacity for dynamic versatility and resilience, whether it’s interfaith, interracial, or intercultural diversity.

Diversity by Default

A conversational card game that intersects various forms of diversity while making dialogue more accessible

Being Guests

An award-winning interactive virtual landscape for interfaith awareness with 360-degree VR tours exploring local places of worship

Being Community

A social media series facilitating sensitive yet constructive conversations on racial and religious discrimination

Being Beings

A community newsletter leveraging on the power of shared stories from various faiths to build a more versatile diversity.


Our Participants

We interact with many people in our work - participants, volunteers, and clients. Who are they and how have they experienced our work?

Our Philosophy

This is complex, sensitive, and very hard work. How do we approach or even touch these issues of significance in our multicultural society?

Doing diversity and dialogue differently.

Diversity is not a fault - it's our default. It's not our end point, but our starting point. So then dialogue isn't the solution - it's the organic consequence of our natural human foundation.

Building bridges for being bridges.

We make tools that are not ends in themselves, as they in turn make us. The external bridges we build serve a purpose - so that internally we may be bridges; and serve our purpose.

Connecting communities through the catalyst of their own captivating conversations.

We curate conversations that are contextualised to the lived realities of each community that works with us. Every community has a distinct context, so our engagements will never be the same for any. Therefore, our conversations are always collaborative. Crafted by communities themselves, this approach has the best potential for connecting with participants and catalysing them.

Our People

We are a growing consulting firm helmed by a Singaporean team of multicultural heritage. Part of the diversity landscape for over a decade, we are bolstered by a large network of specialist collaborators, freelancers, part-timers, and volunteers.

As a consultancy whose work is collaborative by choice, Being Bridges is a social enterprise birthed from a real and ever-present need for developing cohesion out of diversity. Our specialties and those of our network span various backgrounds of research and practice that are essential to multicultural community-building.

Together we have facilitated more than a hundred sessions of dialogue, trained dozens of communities from various sectors of society, and consulted on a range of projects with a lens towards diversity.

As our newly merged work and expertise begins to grow, we hope to explore and cater more of such offerings around issues of diversity to the specific needs of local communities, work places, and members of the public.


Social Consultancy
Project Coordinator


  • Our field of work caters to the landscape of diversity, dialogue, and discrimination.

  • Our focus of work is to engage, facilitate, and innovate.

  • Our specialty is to develop tools for conversations around culture, religion, and ethnicity.

We focus not as much on advocacy

as on dialogue facilitation.

We focus not as much on activism

as on community activation.

We focus not as much on confrontation

as on social innovation.



Our original work

We help communities
large & small
tweak the process
of dialogue
to build a more
versatile diversity.