Diversity by Default

A conversational card game that intersects various forms of diversity while making dialogue more accessible

The Diversity by Default project is a collaboration with the creators of the award-winning Smol Tok product line – a series of card games that helped facilitators conduct engaging community conversations.

Provocative in a good way. Choice given to participants to reject, answer or move on helps to allow the feeling of autonomy.

(Josephine Liardon, Student Affairs Officer)


Cards, being an inanimate object, are able to set context for a discussion space without putting anyone, including the facilitator, in a position of authority. This allows for a safer space for discussion.

(Ri, DBD play session participant)

As the latest deck in the series, this project sought to build a tool that supported the difficult and sensitive work of community organisers and conversation facilitators in the dialogue around diversity.


For a deeper dive into DBD’s purpose, details on its development journey, and the collaborative process we adopted – including fortnightly collaboration exercises with members of the public – please visit the Diversity by Default subsection on the Smol Tok website.

I think it has the potential to break boundaries of what is deemed sensitive. Many shy away from issues that really matter/should matter to us because they’re worried of bringing up ‘sensitive’, difficult topics. This should never be the case!

(Christine May Yong, DBD play session participant)


My peers often have strong opinions on social issues, and I think that this deck would be helpful in facilitating a safe space to have open conversations rather than simply posting on social media.

(Janessa Yu, youth participant and playtester)


How can your community benefit from this project?

We conduct tried-and-tested programmes in various formats and timeframes that customise large-group or small-group play sessions of Diversity by Default to facilitate community conversations around diversity and inclusion.

In addition, we also offer facilitation training workshops for organisers or individuals who wish to build their own capacity to facilitate these DBD conversations within their communities.

For engagements and enquiries, you can drop us an email or schedule a call with us.

We’ll listen to your community needs and share how we might be of service to you.

From the Public

Feel free to listen to what others have said about our customised programmes:

I think it will spread awareness and get people to see from other perspectives. It might also be informative and get people thinking.

(Isabella Ong, university student leader)