Being Guests

An award-winning interactive virtual landscape for interfaith awareness with 360-degree VR tours exploring local places of worship

Step inside a church, mosque, or temple virtually and explore their unique architecture and histories, core religious teachings, interesting faith practices, and inspiring interfaith connections!

The virtual reality was so real, felt like I was there.

(Teen, Malay, Muslim)

Tapping on innovative technologies, the Being Guests project by Being Bridges leverages Virtual Reality (VR) to build a more versatile diversity for interfaith, interracial, and intercultural harmony.


The Being Guests VR project is an initiative of Being Bridges as part of our goals to innovative tools and meaningful programmes that support the crucial dialogue around diversity to build interfaith, interracial, and intercultural harmony.

I can visit other places of worship without inhibition and appreciate that we share commonalities.

(Adult, Indian, Muslim)


Making use of two distinct platforms, guests get to:

  1. Virtually explore inside local places of worship with surprisingly experiential 360-degree VR tours — as if they are there in real life; and
  2. Play in a gamified virtual landscape known as ‘Harmony Island’ visiting digitised places of worship — and testing their interfaith awareness!

[I enjoyed] using the VR to learn instead of reading from posters.

(Teen, Indian, Hindu)


Originally a competition entry for the MISSION:UNITE Hackathon, an international tournament organised by the government of Singapore to develop technology-related tools that support the work of social cohesion, Being Guests emerged as winner of the top prize awarded by the judging panel made up of leaders of industry and the community building sector.


Some accolades or public mentions:

The synagogue is so beautiful!

(Senior, Chinese, Non-Religious)


How can your community engage Being Guests?

We run event kiosks at community festivals and roadshows, utilising both platforms of Being Guests, to facilitate community awareness around religious diversity.

If your organisation wishes to either be part of the virtual reality visits or are running an upcoming event that would like to showcase Being Guests as part of your community outreach and diversity awareness, we provide customised sessions that may cater to your criteria.

For engagements and enquiries, you can drop us an email or schedule a call with us.

We’ll listen to your community needs and share how we might be of service to you.

From the Public

What participants have said about our customised programmes:

Even though I’m Catholic, I also learnt something new about my own faith and the meaning behind some items in the church, particularly the sanctuary lamp.

(Youth, Indian, Catholic)